About Us

Hi, we are Wayne and Rosanne Prevett the founders of Celebrating Life Inc. We met and fell in love over 15 years ago and enjoy an amazing relationship. We are each others best friend. We are business partners. We are Parents. We are firm believers in marriage and are living proof that marriage and relationships can be rewarding and empowering.

Our mission is: to encourage and inspire people to celebrate and navigate life's significant moments. Every significant life celebration happens in relationship. For Example a wedding ceremony involves two people who love each other and commit themselves to a life time journey together. A Celebration of Life service is for the family and friends of the one who has passed away.

Life is lived and enjoyed in relationship therefore our relationships need to be enjoyable. Healthy relationships lead to strong and confident people which lead to healthy relationships.  Our Team of Relationship Coaches are committed to empowering healthy relationships. Our focus is on 3 main aspects of coaching: Pre-marriage, Marriage and Relationship